What to see in the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria

Cosa vedere in Calabria - Mappa luoghi vicini a Borgo Nicoletta

Choosing what to see in Calabria is really difficult, given the variety of tourist sites on site.
When we talk about Calabria, the vast expanse of the sea comes to mind, which breaks delicately on the numerous cliffs. As if by magic, from the sea you go to the green and wild land. There are so many landscaped treasures of this land. Nature, history, traditions and food are an expression of an ancient culture as important.
Those traveling through the Calabrian coast can enjoy a very wide variety of landscapes. Calabria offers different types of tourism: from the natural (sea, mountain, plain), historical, artistic to gastronomic.
Suitable for those who love relax, or adventure, to those who feel the appeal of the sea, sun or mountain air, or those who want to rediscover and revive the memory of Ancient Magna Graecia.


The most important places of the Tyrrhenian side (in the province of Vibo Valentia):

  • The Costa degli dei
  • The mountains
  • The religious country of Natuzza Evolo


The Costa degli Dei

The Tyrrhenian coast, where Borgo Nicoletta is situated, is known as the “Costa degli Dei”:
name chosen for her by the ancient Greeks, to enhance a wild beauty.
The coastline is made up of stretch sandy beach alternating with rocky and impassable stretches. Environment able to form a unique flora and fauna in this sea.
The stages of Costa degli Dei are various:
from the most famous Tropea to Capo Vaticano – Ricadi, Zambrone, Briatico, Pizzo.
All over the coast is the famous Tropea red onion.

Historical route

The route, which joins these places, then leads to the more inner cities of the province of Vibo Valentia (ancient city of Magna Graecia), where Greek, Roman and Norman finds.

The mountains

Those who love the mountain can visit the important plateau of Mount Poro, or the ancient rock caves of Zungri.

The religious village of Natuzza Evolo

Those who are looking for places of worship have the opportunity to visit the territory of Paravati, where is the religious foundation of the famous calabrian mystical Natuzza Evolo.

Other places

These are just some of the most popular and visited places, but there is a wide choice of things to see in Calabria. Near Borgo Nicoletta there are many other tourist sites, with stories and traditions to discover!


If you want to see all these wonderful places in Calabria Tyrrhenian, you just have to pack your bags and leave! Here’s how to do it:

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